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AKA: Destroyah, Destroyer
120 Meters (393.7 Feet)
80,000 Tons
Premiered in:
Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995)

Admittedly, the Destroyer is officially named as Destoroyah and more commonly misspelled (and pronounced) as Destroyah, I cannot bring myself to use either such name when referring to this creature. For one thing, it is quite likely another of those attempts at making an English word gone severely wrong in Japan or, more likely, because the actual name of “Destroyer” could not be trademarked by Toho. For another… a creature such as this one truly deserves the name of Destroyer even more than the likes of King Ghidorah or Monster X.

Destroyer is similar to the likes Orga only instead of being composed of multiple sentient minds pooled into a single body it is a massive hive of Destroyers that make up its forms. In their basest of forms, the Destroyer hive consists of near microscopic crustaceans that are still incredibly deadly to deal with. A single Destroyer microbe was enough to turn an entire aquarium tank of fish into a cemetery of bones.

When enough of the microbes combine together they form the commonly named “juvenile” forms of Destroyer or what I like to call the hellion crabs. This form of Destroyer ranges in size as more of the hive can combine or separate to make the juvenile form vary in size from slightly above average human height to sixty meters.

At the latter height, the Destroyer can alter its form to be able to fly through the air, sacrificing its myriad of crustacean and insect limbs for wings and a tail with a pincer claw strong enough to pull Junior right off his feet.

The Destroyer’s final form, which is oftentimes referred to as its perfect form in the same vein of other self evolving characters/creatures, is by far the worst of the lot. It was in this form that the creature was dubbed as a living Oxygen Destroyer. Having spent so long avoiding the elephant in the room allow me a moment to speak of the one and only weapon that had succeeded in killing Godzilla.

The result of Dr. Serizawa’s experimentation in what would eventually be rediscovered as micro-oxygen, a thus-far fictional compound, the Oxygen Destroyer was an accidental creation in the man’s experiments. The Oxygen Destroyer works by releasing micro-oxygen, which reacts extremely violently in any surrounding which has elements of oxygen in it.

In water or in open air, the micro-oxygen released by the Oxygen Destroyer isolates the oxygen molecules, splits them, and liquefies them. Any organism exposed to the resulting chemicals will first die of suffocation from lack of oxygen before being disintegrated right down to the bone. The Oxygen Destroyer being used in Tokyo Bay was enough to deprive it of all life for several decades afterwards and, had it been used on land, would have made the entirety of Tokyo into a graveyard.

This is what makes Destroyer the most dangerous of Godzilla’s foes bar none. In all of its forms, from near microscopic to its perfect form, Destroyer breathes micro-oxygen and can even energize and release it in a concentrated beam. Its mere existence could mean the extinction of all life on this planet and it was only because of his failing nuclear heart that Godzilla was even able to fight this thing.

Aside from the fact that Destroyer’s micro-oxygen beam should have melted Godzilla’s skin straight off his bones, the creature also demonstrated the ability to supply its horn with enough energy to form a blade-shaped laser that literally cut Godzilla in two. The only reason that Godzilla survived at all was due entirely to the fact that his body was struggling to survive and so was producing enough Regenerator G-1 that the damage he was receiving was being healed almost within the same moment. This is evidenced by the gunk that emerged from Godzilla’s wounds, which we now know to be large samples of Regenerator G-1.

Destroyer is nigh immortal in every sense of the word. Being composed of countless smaller forms combined into one being, Destroyer can regenerate itself nigh infinitely by separating its larger form to the smaller ones and recombining again good as new. The only, and I do mean only, weakness that it possesses is extreme cold temperatures, which halt its production of micro-oxygen essentially suffocating it. More to the point, when faced by the JSDF’s freezing weaponry, Destroyer was frozen to the microscopic level and thus could not separate into its smaller forms and thus the hive’s true weakness was revealed.

When a Destroyer is killed, the entirety of the hive that composes its body dies with it.

If such a creature like Destroyer to exist… Honestly, we’d have far greater things to worry about by that point and would likely already be dust on the wind. For Destroyer could not have been born without the means of its creation, that being the Oxygen Destroyer and micro-oxygen, being used. We’d first have to make such a weapon before a creature like Destroyer could be born and if such a weapon was to be made and used…

Nuclear bombs would be the least of our concerns.