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It occurs to me that with my plans on reviewing my favorite cartoon series that I run into something of a conundrum or two. The first being that a good majority of my choices are ones that I’ve yet to purchase and/or find to watch again to give a more accurate review and as such I am in need of a bit more time to track them down.

The second being that by the time I am finished reviewing said cartoons and characters that it’ll be the winter holiday season. As I’ve already reviewed a fair share of characters for that time of year, I’ll be putting my favorite cartoons reviews on hiatus and for the remainder of October I will be reviewing what I call the Spirits of Halloween.

Contrary to how I had done the Spirits of Winter Holidays, I will focus on three slightly different aspects. The first being just what manner of spirit it is, be it an ordinary animal often associated with the holiday, or a creature straight out of myth and legend.

Following that, the “myths” of said spirit, their strengths and their weaknesses whatever they be and whether or not they are something that can be dealt with easily or something one should arm themselves to the teeth for. Lastly, if such a thing is available, a form of modern media that best depicts the spirit in all of its supernatural glory.

That being said, why not start with a creature that has been given a recent shine in the spotlight?