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Former Member of:
Team Go
Chief Minion of: Doctor Drakken
Wanted In: Eleven Countries
Voiced By: Nicole Sullivan

Though not strictly the chief villain in the series, Shego is without a doubt Kim Possible’s greatest rival and deadliest adversary. What makes Shego particularly interesting though is the fact that not only did she and Kim have remarkably similar childhoods but that she was, quite literally, a superhero once upon a time. When she and her brothers were kids, a meteorite crashed into their club-treehouse and bestowed each of them a distinctive power, which in turn came with a rather distinctive color glow.

Inspired by comic book heroes, Shego’s eldest brother, Hego, pushed for the siblings to create the super-powered Team Go and for a while, the team was quite prominent force to be reckoned with. They developed their own rogue’s gallery and even had city funding towards their headquarters and gear, with Shego herself attaining a pilot’s license for the team’s jet. However, not all was well in the team for Hego saw that the more that his sister fought evil, the more she was starting to like the idea of being evil herself.

Shego aptly called bull on that and stated outright that she couldn’t stand being with her brothers any longer.

Given how they acted in the short time that we see them, only a couple of episodes sadly, I admit to being surprised that Shego hadn’t jumped ship sooner. While her youngest siblings, the multiplying twins Wego, were somewhat tolerable, her older younger brother Mego was the most egotistical character I’ve ever seen in a Disney cartoon.

Though there was a rather hilarious irony that his power was to shrink himself down to doll-size given that he presumed himself to be larger than life. Shego’s older brother Hego has the traditional super strength going for him but he’s so cheesy with how he acts as a superhero that he all but stereotypes the role.

Shego, bless her wicked heart, delights in pointing out the flaws and outright stupidity of many a villainous plan, particularly those of her chief employer Doctor Drakken, a man whose evil rating barely exceeds beyond schoolyard bully compared to his chief minion. Heck, on more than one occasion Shego has outright attacked and or severely manhandled Drakken for his foolishness. That the man continues to hire her let alone trust her as explicitly as he does makes me wonder how much of a genius he really is but that’s neither here nor there.

Shego’s powers, much like her brothers’, is something of a reflection of her own self via the ability to create and manipulate protoplasmic energies in her hands. This energy, colored in hues of emerald, can be manipulated to reach temperatures capable of melting steel or altered to deliver extreme concussive force without any ambient heat.

Despite the potential Shego has to cause severe bodily harm if not outright killing someone, she has never hurt anyone to such a degree via her powers. Oh yes, she’s broken many a man’s bones but even when fighting Kim, her chief rival, she never uses lethal force.

This… is rather interesting towards Shego’s characterizing herself as a villain. For as evil as she is, she has a very strong moral code that no one, not even Doctor Drakken, can force her to break under any circumstances. Case in point, when the good doctor sought to steal a handicapped kid’s heavily modified robotic wheelchair, Shego expressed her distaste at the idea and while she wouldn’t stop him from doing it did not she didn’t aid him in doing so either.

Heck, going back to the moodulator incident, Shego was under a “frenzy of rage” but despite this, her energy blasts were only strong enough to leave a faint bit of smoke coming out of an otherwise completely undamaged sidewalk and asphalt. This of course raises a rather interesting conundrum that was only mildly faced in the series. Namely, what would Shego be capable of if her morals got a swift turn-about?

There was an incident once where Shego and her brothers personalities were polarized in that her brothers were turned evil and she good though this is a bit of a stretch in the dictionary definition of the two. While her brothers did indeed turn evil, it was no more than that of what Shego was capable of and Shego herself only became “good” in the sense of getting herself an actual job that didn’t involve crime and trying to avoid fighting altogether. Heck, during this period of personality alteration she and Kim actually hit it off as friends to a point where Ron was actually feeling freaked out by the whole affair.

To be fair, I was too but mostly due to the explosion of KiGo works that had erupted throughout the Internet following that episode’s air-date. To be fair, the pairing of Kim and Shego was one long in the fanon way before that episode, but the good chemistry that was shown between the two of them all but cinched it for those shippers.

If what we’ve seen of Shego thus far is merely her bad-but-good and goody-good sides of her personality, I shudder at the concept of her becoming well and truly evil. Shego were to become a true villain, comparable to the likes of such monsters like the Green Goblin or the Joker of Marvel and DC renown respectively, not even Kim Possible would be able to stop her from taking over the world.