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After a brief vacation for the winter holidays, I’m happy to report that I’m back once again and now I will finally uphold a promise I had made long, long ago when I had first started this blog. This means that my previous theme of my personal top ten favorite cartoons and characters will be going on hiatus primarily to uphold the promise I had made but mostly for the fact that I’ve failed to realize that, to paraphrase a certain ranger, one does not simply watch an episode or two of their favorite series. A Lifetime of Animation will be finished, just not until I’ve managed to make my way through reviewing most of the Disney Animated Feature Films.

I say most as some, such as the film The Three Caballeros or Fantasia are films that consist mostly of shorts that are tied together by a certain theme but are otherwise wholly disconnected from each other. Though, to be fair, I may focus on a particular segment that I enjoyed from those films as a review rather than the film as a whole.

Just as before, I will primarily focus on three particular elements to each film. The first being the overall story and whether or not it is a film that can be watched time and time again by people of all ages or by those of a certain age group. Second, my choice of song that I feel best encompasses the movie as a whole. Last, but certainly not least, what changes are made from the Disney adaptation to the original though this may be limited to one major change versus a whole list of them.

With that said, let us begin the Years of Disney!