First off, an apology to you all my dear readers. These last few weeks have been… hectic to say the least. Contrary to the stereotype I, and most of my family, prefer summer to spring when it comes to cleaning one’s home. That, and I cannot believe I am saying this, but I needed to take a break from Disney films for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I have and forever will love Disney but there is only so much of the common tropes found in their films that one can withstand.

Thanks to recently rushed renovations, rediscovered treasures that had thought to have been lost have been found again and my nostalgia is at an all time high as a result. Toys, VHS cassettes, and even old picture books that hearken back to a time when Saturday mornings were worth getting up at the crack of dawn and when every afternoon had its fair share of cartoons new and old with the only interruptions being commercials worth watching.

It is because of this that I have, once more, been inspired once more to continue my “Lifetime of Animation” with a slight difference. Rather than focusing on my personal top ten, as I’ve found that such a list is nigh impossible to uphold as of late, I will focus on whichever cartoon series happens to have caught my eye, old-school classics or new-age marvels. At least until summer’s end at any rate.