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Daughter of:
Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
Employee of: Mad For Tea teashop
Episode Premiere:
Good is the New Bad
Voiced By: Jennifer Veal

Admittedly not my favorite character in the whole of the franchise, Ally is nonetheless my favorite amongst the newly introduced characters in the animated series for a variety of reasons and no, my affections for all things related to Alice in Wonderland is not one of them. … Okay, perhaps a little, tiny bit but that’s it!

One of the primary reasons that I chose Ally was through her introduction in the episode “Good is the New Bad” wherein she and some of the other girls are in a paired singing contest and her partner has, unfortunately, lost her voice and cannot compete. Mal suggests that Ally partner up with Freddie, who also doesn’t have a partner and with some admittedly good reason too might I add, but Ally’s reaction is rather amusing as she bombards Freddie with a few quick, and admittedly rather sensible and nonsensical, questions such as…

“Are you magical? Do you sprout horns? Just how evil are you?” All in the span of three seconds and much to Freddie’s own bemusement might I add. She confides to Mal and Evie, and well within earshot of Freddie might I add, that she doesn’t think she can work with her as Freddie might turn her into a frog. The young voodoo practitioner denies such a thing and proudly proclaims that she’ll just shrink Ally’s head like she did her last partner, and brandishes the head rather proudly too.

It’s Ally’s reaction to this that really sold her character to me as, at first glance she appears equal parts amazed and disgusted, proclaiming “Oh it’s disgusting… but curious… Can I touch it?” She even pokes the creepy little thing.

Now, while I am more than glad to see that many of the Descendants, for both heroes and villains, are not entirely like their parents, it was nice to see that some element of them is still there but at an entirely different degree as is the case for Ally. Alice, curious though she might be, would undoubtedly have not reacted as Ally did to the sight of a shrunken head and is far more open about speaking her mind right to a person’s face compared to her mother.

Speaking of, Ally is one of the few Auradon Kids, or AKs as the Villain Kids refer to them by, whose father figure is a mere speculation at best, much like a majority of the VKs themselves. However, contrary most of the other singular parent Descendants, there is a lot of hinting towards the identity of Ally’s father.

The first clue is in Ally’s hair, which is unfortunately an extremely weak one at best considering characters like Mal and Evie have wildly different hair than their mother’s and, as far as I know, there are no other Disney Villains with vividly purple hair… I had a point here… Oh, yes, anyway, Ally’s hair, like Evie’s and Jane’s has streaks of a secondary color in it, a blue-ish white, but this could again be a mere cosmetic choice on her part. Unlikely as a lot of the Auradon Kids are notorious for not going “edgy” with fashion or hairstyles.

The second clue is how Ally refers to herself and her sense of style when she and the other girls are hanging out in Jordan’s lamp. In response to Jordan saying that she’s still thinking up an idea for how to dress Ally and Jane up in her “genie chic” style, Ally professes that she sees herself more as being Wonderland unique. Alice, for all her adventures down a rabbit hole and through the mirror, is not a citizen of Wonderland. True, she was crowned as queen in the book Through the Looking-Glass but as of this post, that story has not been made a part of the official Disney Animated Feature Film canon, or quasi-canon as is the case for the direct-to-DVD films.

Lastly, and most telling of all, is Ally’s place of employ, the Mad for Tea teashop. As seen below, the whole place is decorated and styled for Wonderland and while one can argue that perhaps Ally is merely an employee there and just that, I argue that given the shop was closed to everyone else but her and her friends most likely means that her parents likely own and run the place. Alice herself may like tea but there is only one individual in particular who is absolutely mad for it.

Well, that and hats too I suppose.

Overall, Ally is a fun character to watch and is easily amongst the most bemusing of the cast. Is she my absolute favorite of them all in the franchise? Not in particular though she is easily in the top three. Will fans of Wonderland like her and see her as her own original person? To that I can only answer in a shrug. For while many of the kids featured in Descendants are their own persons, there are few, like Ally, who are well and truly the offspring of their parents.