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My Pokémon Dream Team

trainercard-Adrian K. II

Due in small part to the fact that Monday’s post failed to actually post, but mostly because frequent news/rumors of the upcoming Pokémon Sun & Moon alongside the rising madness/frustrations that is Pokémon Go (So. Many. PIDGEYS.) I feel like answering a frequent question asked me by friends and fellow Pokémon enthusiasts. My “ideal” team of Pokémon or as I prefer to call it, the “Dream Team.”

Now, contrary to my earlier reviews of my top eleven favorite Pokémon, this post will be entirely based on my own thoughts and opinions and will focus primarily on the top reason as to why I would want this particular species of Pokémon on my team. That being said, let’s get started.

Seeing as I’ve talked about Charizards both in its normal and Mega Evolved state, it shouldn’t be that surprising that out of the many starters to pick from in the franchise that Charmander will forever and always be my top pick. Though I will be honest in saying that it was not an easy choice to make. In the end, it was simple nostalgia that got Charizard a place on my team.

That and while I try not to adhere to any of the stereotyping often found in the trainers, Gym Leaders, and Team Whatevers, I would likely fall under the Dragon Tamer class of Trainers mostly due to the fact that a majority of my first choices were either straight up dragon-types or at least draconic in appearance. But as said by a pint-sized superhero fashion designer, capes are out of season and I rather like the outfit, and occupation, of being a Pokémon Ranger, or at least those found in the main series.

Lapras, like Charizard before her, and yes I’m aware they come in both genders but every single one I’ve ever had has been female so there, was something of a tough choice as well. Because while the Water/Ice type mixing makes for a very deadly adversary against Rock, Ground, and Flying types, I’ve never considered using Lapras in battle but rather for transportation as its category name implies.

Many Pokémon that can utilize the HM move Surf never really looked like good Pokémon to ride on save for Lapras and this was in thanks mostly to the anime series showcasing this throughout the Orange Islands arc. That… and alright, I’ll admit, seeing that the majority of my Lapras have been female, I’ve taken to nicknaming them variations of the name “Nessie.”

Grass-types have always been a weird type of Pokémon for me. While it makes sense for a good majority of them to be plants, as something of a gardener myself I always wondered how such Pokémon can survive going through the vast variety of climates and environments found in a single region. Most of them also don’t initially appear to be that combat effective in that, by all appearances, they are stationary or are otherwise not that agile. That and I imagine that a good majority of them would be outright terrifying to behold in real life.

Thus my choice in Gogoat firstly for the fact that it appears to be more animal than outright plant and secondly, for its transportation potential on land and sea because this fellow can surprisingly learn the move Surf and no matter what anyone tells me, I will always imagine that this Pokémon straight up runs atop the water like the Three Legendary Beasts are want to do.

As much as I find Pikachu to be a suitable, and adorable, mascot of the franchise, I have rarely, if ever, had one one in my team save for in Yellow and Omega Ruby with Cosplay-chu, at least for a time because as cute as that one is, it’s still really weird to see a Pikachu doing cosplay and utilizing attacks she would otherwise never learn. While Raichu is not the most powerful of Electric-types nor is it one that I would consider my personal favorite of this type, it has one thing going for it that puts it above others.

The Hidden Ability of Lightning Rod, which is admittedly more common in Ground-types but Raichu has the added benefit of recharging electrical equipment. Trust me, spending your informative years in Florida, particularly in the county that is infamous for the sheer number of lightning strikes that everything above ten feet tall is equipped with a lightning rod, you learn to be extremely… cautious… towards storms.

And before anyone asks, yes, I have seen the Alolan variant of the species and while I commend them for bringing back the surfing Pikachu in an evolved form, and making the admittedly unique typing of Electric/Psychic, it’s a little too cutesy for my liking. That and I’m sure that if I had one in my team, it’d be constantly showing off its surfing skills during lightning storms.

Out of the many Dragon-types that exist in the franchise, Dragonite is among my top favorites for a variety of reasons. Cosmetically speaking, it is one of the few Dragon-types that actually look like a sensible dragon, if a little cartoony in appearance. Battle wise, Dragonite can learn a surprising variety of elemental moves such as Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, and even Focus Blast just to name a few. However, much like Lapras and Gogoat before it, my primary reason for wanting a Dragonite on my team is due to its Pokédex entry that states that it can traverse the world in sixteen hours.

This means that a Dragonite can fly at roughly 1556 mph putting it at about three times the speed of an average airplane. Do you comprehend what that means? Aside from cutting air travel time down to a third of what it is currently, it’d be so remarkably easy to get to anywhere I’d want to go in the world. I could finally see every variation of Disney Land!

Last, but certainly not least, is the Legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo, one of the few Pokémon I’ve ever used a Master Ball on and only because blast it, when you get to your hundredth Ultra Ball, you’ve gone and used far too many. Contrary to what one might assume, I do not choose Mewtwo for its power potential, what with it being the “world’s strongest Pokémon” and all that, but for an entirely different reason.

Out of the Legendary and Mythical Pokémon there are, Mewtwo does not hold a pivotal role as far as the world itself is concerned. It does not create dreams or nightmares, does not bend the fabric of space and time, nor does it serve as being the literal Creator of all Pokémon. It is powerful yes, but it is still a regular, if not extremely rare, Pokémon..

That was oftentimes the reason I was hesitant to ever have a Legendary, or Mythical, Pokémon on my team. I mean, could you imagine the kind of ecological damage I would inadvertently cause if I had Primal Groudon out in the open in the midst of a heavy winter up north, or contrary wise if I loosed Primal Kyogre in the heart of a desert? Never mind the kind of temptation that would arise if I had access to the time travel capabilities of Dialga or Celebi…

Yet, the primary reason that I would have a Mewtwo on my team is one that would seem rather lackluster to most others. I would want a Mewtwo on my team because of Mewtwo’s ability to translate for other Pokémon. True, this was an anime only ability that we would later see is not strictly limited to Mewtwo but when I first saw Mewtwo talk, the first thing that came to my young mind was how much easier it would be to understand the wants and needs of my Pokémon and to hold actual, comprehensible, conversations with them.

Still… Of the Pokémon that I had listed as being a part of my Dream Team… If I had to pick just one and one alone to have for all of my days and no other… Much as it pains me to admit, it would have to be Dragonite.

Again, primarily for their fast travel in the open sky and their elemental potential, thus covering quite a lot of bases should I ever encounter other trainers or wild Pokémon. As to why I have a shiny one in my Trainer Card above, that’s because I do in fact have one that I earned in Pokémon White 2, which was no easy task to get let me tell you!

Oh… and because I’m sure a good many of you who read this blog are curious as to what team I belong to in Pokémon Go