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Just off the corner of Frontierland lays a smidge of territory known simply as Liberty Square and is the only land unique to the Magic Kingdom with no other replica, or slight variation, to be found in any of the other Disneyland parks. Conceived as a representation of colonial America, Liberty Square hosts only two true attractions to its name though that’s not to say that points of interest can’t be found here for those whose interests lie in American history.

Aside from a pseudo-replica of the Liberty Tree, which had been grown on the same property as the original and carefully replanted, there is also a replication of the Liberty Bell, a replication that has had a long history of conspiracy to its name surprisingly. Contrary to those urban legends, this duplicate of the Liberty Bell was cast from a mold created in 1989 and is not one of two bells made from this cast as several more have since been made and is not the one supposedly intended for Pennsylvania as one of the fifty cast for the states back in 1976.

Of the lands, Liberty Square has the fewest of actual attractions, as one can argue that the riverboat ride is shared with Frontierland, but arguably has one of the most popular, if not internationally recognized, attraction in the entirety of Disney theme park history.

The Haunted Mansion, which, sadly, I must refrain from speaking of in too great detail for I do intend to give a more in-depth view of it this Hallow’s Eve. What I can say of the ride is that contrary to what I had assumed as a child, the ride, while a bit scary for those who hold no love for the macabre, ghosts, or any other variations of the departed, it is not an all-out terrifying ride. To date, I’ve seen audiences of all ages go upon the ride and enjoy it immensely and, if I were to be perfectly honest, the Hollywood Tower of Terror located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is far more frightening, but that’s a subject for a later date.

The other attraction, The Hall of Presidents, is one that is not strictly for everyone insomuch that while I’d say it’s worth a watch it can, at times, be a bit boring to the less historically inclined. That’s not to say that it isn’t an interesting show to behold as we, the audience, are treated to see every single president in America history on stage with a small speech or two delivered by Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln followed shortly by an actual recording made by the current President, Barack Obama. In point of fact, as of this post, the animatronics for these three Presidents are the most advanced and lifelike animatronics to be created by Disney Imagineers to date.

Another attraction that I’ve sadly missed and is, as of this post, only a few weeks old is a live performance of the greatest moments in American history as presented to us by none other than Kermit the Frog and his fellow muppets.

As to places to dine and shop, Liberty Square has a surprising amount of both though not in a way you’d expect. For restaurants, there are three in all the Columbia Harbour House that serves a slightly expensive lunch and dinner, the Liberty Tree Tavern that serves an expensive but undeniably filling lunch and inner, and Sleepy Hollow that serves small snacks and deserts. All three are worth their price in food but for the Liberty Tree Tavern, I sincerely recommend dining on an empty stomach or you’ll find yourself in need of a larger pair of pants as a result.

As to shops, there’s the Heritage House that, as its name implies, features items of American Heritage, the Liberty Square Portrait Gallery where one can get their portrait done, Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe whose items may be found in a few other Christmas themed stores in Walt Disney World but I wholeheartedly do not recommend entertaining that notion if there’s something that catches your eye.

And last, but certainly not least, the Memento Mori store that houses any and all things related to the Haunted Mansion, none of which can be found elsewhere in the park itself or on other Walt Disney World properties. From shirts, to statues, to illustrations, to even a recent comic book mini-series, this shop has it all and more besides. There’s even a uniquely ghastly photograph opportunity to be had where one’s picture shifts between the living and the dead, though how this is accomplished, I was far too scared to ask.

Unfortunately, of the lands in the Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square is severely lacking in any truly established characters. Oh yes, one may find some cast members dressed and attired for ye olden colonial America but that is thus far the extent of characters to be found currently. Previously, one could have met the likes of Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen from the film, The Princess and the Frog. Why these two were eventually… retired I suppose is the best word for it, I haven’t the foggiest but I would sincerely hope to see them make a return in the future.

However during holiday celebrations for both Halloween and Christmas, there are two other characters that can be found roaming around Liberty Square, particularly close to the Haunted Mansion. Sally and Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.