If you’ll all pardon me a moment as I get up onto this here soapbox. Ahem… now, let me be perfectly clear here. I love Christmas. It is by far one of the best holidays to exist in our modern world and while receiving, and giving, presents is certainly a top selling point of the holiday that is not the sole reason that I enjoy it. Christmas is a time of being thankful, of being kind, and bringing a myriad of color to an otherwise bleak and white winter.

Likewise, I enjoy Halloween for the wide array of treats that are otherwise nonexistent throughout the rest of the year, the spooky comradery found in those who enjoy being scared and scaring others with delightfully frightful tricks and films. It is a time of celebrating death, history, and fantasy alike as people of all ages become what they most want to be no matter how fantastical or farfetched it can be.

That all being said however, I cannot STAND how quickly Halloween is shoved aside on the first of November. I kid you not, the radio at my local grocery store was set to the holiday channel for Halloween, to which I enjoyed many a classically spooky tune, and the following day freaking ROCKIN’ AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE was playing! Christmas music! Mere minutes after Halloween! The local WalMart even has a sign that states the number of days left until Christmas!

When… when did we become the Whos of Whoville? When did the autumn winds get shoved aside for wintry snow? When did the terror and frights of All Hallow’s Eve get buried beneath joy and cheer with nary a passing glance? Well I can tell you here and now, no longer! For the next several entries, including today, I will focus on Disney, or Disney affiliated, films that pertain to Halloween in some fashion or another because blast it, much as I enjoy The Nightmare Before Christmas I refuse to start acting like the literal Grinch!