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Real Name:
Xavier Ramier
Root Cause of Transformation:
Officer Roger Raincomprix
Item of Transformation:
Bird Whistle
Primary Goal:
To Feed His Pigeons in Peace

Now I know what you all are thinking. Mr. Pigeon? For serious? To that I can only answer with a somewhat resigned yes. Whilst the Bubbler may look and act somewhat childishly, he at least has the excuse of being an actual kid whereas Mr. Pigeon, or Xavier Ramier, has no such excuse going for his admittedly childish rampage of villainy.

For all the villains that are to follow, Xavier Ramier is the only one to not in any fashion be connected to Ladybug or Chat Noir insomuch that he is, quite literally, a wholly innocent bystander that Papillon no doubt picked at random as Chloé Bourgeois was quite tame in her usual behavior that day. Trust me, as these reviews progress, you’ll see how utterly miraculous such a thing actually is in this brat’s case but I digress.

Xavier Ramier’s cause of transformation into a supervillain was due entirely to the rather strict, and frankly over-the-top, actions of police officer Roger Raincomprix whom, upon seeing Ramier feeding the local pigeons at the park, again apparently, confiscates his bird food, kicks him out the park and warns him that he is also been banned from all other parks in Paris and that the rest of the police force is aware of who he is and will be on the look out for him.

Now, I do not doubt that there are rules and laws regarding feeding local wildlife in parks and other areas of recreation but seriously? Banned from every single park in the entirety of Paris? For feeding pigeons and with the reasoning that said pigeons will leave their waste everywhere? I just… They’re pigeons, that’s what they, and most people who see hold even a token of affection for them, do. Though, to be fair, Xavier Ramier’s affections might be a whole well’s worth given his familiarity with certain pigeons and they with him.

Upon being transformed in Mr. Pigeon, he gains a rather interesting power-set. Like the Bubbler, he becomes slightly above the average norm for human prowess but, also, becomes incredibly lightweight due mostly to the fact that he flies by way of whole flocks of pigeons carrying him around. With his whistle, Mr. Pigeon can control and enhance any and all pigeons in the entirety of Paris to a rather disturbing degree. The pigeons gain near human intelligence and can communicate with Mr. Pigeon and are given an absurd amount of resilience such as when a whole flock of them nearly pierce through a metal door. As it was, they left most of their bodies indented in the steel.

I kid you not, he can also command them to… ahem… bombard at will.


Mr. Pigeon’s overall endgame was ridding the city of Paris of any and all officers of the law so that he may feed his pigeons without any concern. That… is quite possibly the most monumental waste of a villainous plan I’ve ever heard but then the man does love his pigeons so… Nope. It is still a stupid reason to become a pawn of Papillon and a much stupider plan of “vengeance” against those who “wronged” him.

Overall, Mr. Pigeon ranks at the bottom tier of akumatized victims of Papillon and far lower on the grand scheme of villainy. Aside from petty motives and childish revenge scheme, Mr. Pigeon is no melee fighter and his control over his pigeons, while absolute for the most part, fails whenever there happens to be food nearby in which case they will outright abandon and ignore him just to get that last speck of birdseed.