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French Villainous Name:
Real Name:
Aurore Beauréal
Root Cause of Transformation:
Mireille Caquet
Item of Transformation:
Primary Goal:
To Become a Weather Girl

At long last we get to a villain that is actually someone of note and is, hands down, amongst the top tier of akumatized victims of Papillon. Stormy Weather, or Climatika as she’s known in France, was originally an ordinary girl by name of Aurore Beauréal who was part of a competition to become the new weather girl of the television network KIDZ+.

A competition that, by admittance of the host of said competition consisted of over five thousand girls. Unfortunately, despite having a name, outfit, and frankly the stage presence necessary for the role, she lost by a significant margin to her competitor Mireille Caquet.

By the score, 82 to 18, by the jerk of an announcer that it was half-a-million votes.

I mean seriously, who says that to anyone especially someone that, by all rights, really should have won in the first place? From the blatantly obvious naming convention to go on, because seriously Aurore Beauréal? If that’s not a winning name for a weather girl… There’s also the fact that, between the two of them, Aurore took the competition more seriously.

Aside from the accessory and fashion style that fit to the role of being a weather girl, Aurore actually played to her audience as in she openly faced the camera, head held high and with a charming smile on her face whereas her competitor, Mireille, could hardly hold a glance.

That, and honestly, I felt that the competition was somewhat rigged in Mireille’s favor. Consdering that almost immediately following the announcement of her winning, billboards, banners, posters, and even freaking balloons all plastered with Mireille’s face appeared throughout Paris. No way would something like that had been mass produced and implemented without prior knowledge and considering that the votes were supposed to be done “live…”

Upon being transformed into Stormy Weather, the first thing that she did was to trap her competitor in an elevator behind a wall of impossibly thick ice before moving on to rampage across the city. Well, rampage insomuch that she damaged anything and everything that bore Mireille’s face and did not hesitate in unleashing gale force winds or creating massive domes of ice upon those whom clearly favored Mireille over herself.

Following this, it was Papillon himself who had Stormy Weather utilize her powers to pull an Elsa and trap the entirety of France in an eternal winter unless she, and by extension Papillon, receive the Miraculous of Ladybug and Chat Noir. This is no idle threat either as Stormy Weather shows off how utterly easy it is for her to manipulate the weather with little to no visible effort on her part through the use of her parasol.

She can create gale force winds strong enough to send people flying across several blocks while she herself remains untouched, fire bolts of lightning, create storms to encompass an entire country (or so she claimed as we only see the entirety of Paris feel the chill of her blizzard), and create ice that not only is nearly impossible to cut or melt but continues to grow in thickness and further decrease the ambient temperature.

While there is no doubt that Stormy Weather is amidst the top tier of akumatized victims of Papillon as far as overall powers and skills, I also believe her to be on the same tier as the Bubbler as far as overall mindset. Even with her enhanced jealousy and anger towards her loss in the weather girl competition, Aurore did not go out of her way to well and truly hurt anyone, even when she faced the very source of her ire head on and without anyone, our titular heroes included, there to stop her.

True, she did cause an extensive amount of property damage and caused incidental harm to those she trapped in her ice or hurled away with her wind, she did not try to kill them outright and as other, far deadlier, villains like Mr. Freeze have demonstrated, it’s far too easy for a villain, super or otherwise, to kill with complete negligence. Were she of a more deadlier mindset, and fully utilized the full scope of her potential, AKA more lightning less wind and ice, she could have easily overcome Ladybug and Chat Noir.