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French Villainous Name:
Real Name:
Alix Kubdel
Root Cause of Transformation:
Chloé Bourgeois
Item of Transformation:
Primary Goal:
To Save Her Family’s Ancestral Watch

Make no mistake, though Alix Kubdel is the shortest person in her class, she has proven to be the deadliest of all akumatized victims, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. Alix’s initial cause of her transformation lies in the accidental destruction of a watch that she received from her father for her birthday.

A watch that, he claims, has been passed down their family for generations but ultimately leaves us with many, many questions. First and foremost, why did he give the watch to Alix in the first place as she is not only his second child but his daughter to boot? True, his relationship with his son is later shown to be a bit… strained, but it just seems rather odd that he would skip over his eldest child in favor of the younger.

Second, and most importantly, what the heck is up with this watch?!


Do you see that? That, right there, is a holographic image of a woman holding up a clock! In the words of Abridged Cell, where, why, how, I have so many questions! Alix’s dad is so blasé about it too, claiming that their ancestor was “ahead of his time,” which makes me want to rip my hair out in frustration because seriously, what the actual heck?! That’s straight up Doctor Who level of absurdity with time!

… Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system… Alix, not wanting to see her watch damaged in her latest competition/race with her (not her boy)friend Kim, passes the watch to Alya to hold onto but the watch ends up playing a game of musical hands before it ultimately winds up in the hands of the worst of the worst, one Chloé Bourgeois who accidentally activates the watch and… rightfully… freaks out dropping it and watching, with the rest of the class, as Alix inadvertently destroys it by rollerblading over it.

Sensing her rage, Papillon sends an akuma to possess Alix’s rollerblades, transforming her into the super villain Timebreaker whose power is to travel back in time but only when she has the necessary amount of energy.

A moment while I step onto the soapbox again… Papillon. Buddy. Listen. I get that your kwami told you that the Miraculous of Ladybug and Chat Noir represent creation and destruction and that, together, they can make you a veritable god to which I respond with the eloquent question… Aren’t you one already!? For pity’s sake, you created a literal time runner. Admittedly, a majority of Papillon’s victims transform based firstly upon their object of transformation, their root cause of emotional turmoil, and lastly whatever means to enact their desire based on said emotional turmoil but seriously…

Stepping down from the soapbox, I had mentioned that Timebreaker needs fuel in order to traverse back in time. That fuel is, quite literally, the life force of other people whom she absorbs by “tagging” them and wiping them completely out of existence and she does so with a gusto to her entire class, even taking advantage of the kindness of the sweetest, most innocent, girl in her class without any regrets.

It is only when she manages to tag Chat Noir, and thus reigns as the only akumatized victim to successfully kill one of our two titular heroes, that she gains enough power to traverse back in time but only by several minutes.

As I stated earlier, Timebreaker is the deadliest of the akumatized victims of Papillon because she, and she alone, has no qualms with killing people and especially those whom are close to her. Within moments of being transformed, she immediately targeted her classmates to fuel her temporal rollerblades in order to go back in time and stop the destruction of her family’s watch, which, I’m pretty sure, would have led to some sort of temporal paradox but that’s neither here nor there.

Make no mistake, while Timebreaker’s rage had been aimed at her friends and classmates, I do not doubt that she would have utilized anyone to power her rollerblades and given the fact that the average human life force was but a small spark compared to that of Miraculous wielders like Chat Noir… I’ve no doubt that the majority of Paris would have found itself with the fading forms of countless people.