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Real Name:
Alya Césaire
Root Cause of Transformation:
Chloé Bourgeois
Item of Transformation:
Primary Goal:
To Reveal Ladybug’s Identity to the World

I’ll admit, there had been something of a small suspicion lingering in the back of my mind when it came to akumatized victims of Papillon and it wasn’t until Lady Wifi’s appearance that they were confirmed in full. That suspicion is course the existence, or lack thereof, of a… for lack of a better term, “disguise field.” In the simplest of terms…

It is what prevents most people from recognizing magical heroes despite the fact that said hero wear little to no means of hiding their identities. Case in point, Sailor Moon for example is not only one of the few natural blondes in Japan but one with a very distinctive hairstyle that few, if anyone, actually wears and despite this no one can connect that Usagi “Serena” Tsukino is in fact Sailor Moon.

This is made a bit more obviously later but it plays a crucial plot point in the overall episode as it is the root cause of transformation for Alya, BFF of Marinette, aspiring news journalist, and blogger of the increasingly popular Ladyblog. By pure chance, she happens to notice that Chloé has a yo-yo that looks a lot like Ladybug’s and purposefully breaks into her locker to find it and a matching costume thus leading her to conclude that Chloe and Ladybug are one and the same.

Of course, she’s caught in the act and while the initial punishment was to be detention at the end of the day, both Chloe and her toady, ahem, “best friend” Sabrina use Chloé’s father, mayor of Paris, to push the principal into suspending her for a week.

Severe misuse of educational power aside, Alya… was not entirely innocent here and is made worse upon being transformed into Lady Wifi whom, immediately following a very public but somewhat well deserved dressing down of the school principal, proceeds to Chloé’s home and “unmasks” her as Ladybug seeing as the brat in question was dressed up, and playing make believe, as Ladybug herself.

What makes it particularly telling of the existence of a disguise field is that immediately following this unmasking, Ladybug and Chat Noir arrive on the scene, which causes Lady Wifi to ask, “Who are you?!”

That right there is the biggest piece of evidence yet as despite Chloé and Ladybug being in the same place together, Ladybug’s hair being shorter and far darker than Chloé’s, and even with Chloé right next to her for comparison Lady Wifi didn’t initially believe it.

What makes it all the more obvious of the existence of a disguise field is how much it doesn’t exist for akumatized victims. In point of fact, I’d go so far as to say that it is a polar opposite of the one that protects Ladybug and Chat Noir, making small and less than obvious details stand out like neon signs to the duo both in and out of costume. After all, how else would you explain Ladybug, or Marinette at the time, figuring out Lady Wifi’s identity by the ladybug decoration on her smartphone.

Lady Wifi’s powers make her both extremely powerful and exceedingly weak, putting her in the lower middle class of akumatized victims. With her smartphone in hand, Lady Wifi can whip out various phone icons to differing effects.

The pause icon causes time to freeze upon, or whomever, it is placed upon. The padlock icon can lock doors shut and act as manacles to whatever limb they’re placed on. The fast forward icon can be used as a hover-board though Lady Wifi can utilize cellphones and wifi antennas to teleport, which leads to her glaring weakness.

Without a strong enough wifi signal in her immediate area, Lady Wifi only has access to her typical physical augmentation that most akumatized victims gain and thus can be easily put down by the titular duo. With this obvious, and extremely exploitable, weakness alongside her mindset enhancing her already April O’Neil sense of journalism-versus-safety ratio to the maximum, Lady Wifi is not nor will she ever be, a deadly foe to face.

Especially not when Alya is to become…

Ah, my apologies.

No spoilers.