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Korean Villainous Name:
Real Name:
Lt. Roger Raincomprix
Root Cause of Transformation:
Mayor Bourgeois
Item of Transformation:
Police Whistle
Primary Goal: To arrest Mayor Bourgeois

Out of the many akumatized victims, Rogercop is one of the few whom can be sympathized with from beginning to end and is also one of the few whose endgame was actually something that I personally wanted to see fulfilled. As stated above, his root cause of transformation was due in no small part to Mayor Bourgeois though the mayor’s daughter, Chloé, also played a significant role. During a parents’ career day at the school, Chloé lost her new, and like ungodly expensive, bracelet (though it was inadvertently taken by Plagg) and immediately laid the blame on Marinette and demand that Roger, her “best friend” Sabrina’s father, arrest her.

When the man protests, she whines to her father who tells Roger to do as his daughter says or lose his badge. When Roger once more protests that doing so would be against the law, as he cannot arrest someone without evidence of a crime, Mayor Bourgeois follows through on his threat, even calling Roger an incompetent officer in the process, before ordering the man to leave the premises.

One transformation via Papillon’s akuma later and we have Rogercop whose primary goal is to arrest Mayor Bourgeois for attempting to enforce an officer of the law to break said laws. As Rogercop, Roger’s personality becomes almost entirely like that of a machine whose sole purpose is to uphold the law as he perceives it. This means that any crime, no matter how small, is worthy of punishment.

Case in point, he catches a teacher littering he arrests her and orders her to pick up every bit of trash that she sees and dispose of it in the proper manner. He does this via a specialized pair of handcuffs that he can fire from his forearm-mounted laser-guns and sharp blow from his whistle.

Whether because of his implied robotic nature or due to his robotic-like armor, Rogercop is above the average physical prowess found in most akuma, easily holding his own against Ladybug and Chat Noir several times. Honestly, despite the personality change, I’d want to say that it is doubtful that Roger had been turned into a literal machine, or even a cyborg, but given what one particular akumatized victim had become… That’s not that much of a stretch…

As I stated earlier, I was all for Rogercop, or even ordinary Roger, to arrest Mayor Bourgeois and for plenty of good reasons in this episode alone. First and foremost is the fact that the man can, has, and will gladly bend and break any laws that get in the way of his daughter’s happiness.

Whereas before we had presumed that Chloé threatening the principal with her father’s name was something of an exaggeration on her part, and a whole lot of spinelessness on the principal, it turns out that the man’s fears were justified. Not even minutes after dismissing Roger, Mayor Bourgeois is in the principal’s office and threatening to withhold funding to the school if Chloé’s bracelet isn’t found.

A rather distinctive trait amongst akumatized victims is the fact that Roger was not alone in his transformation. As he was sitting in his squad car when the akuma infected him, it too was transformed into a futuristic vehicle capable of flight as seen below.


Rogercop is also one of the few akumatized victims to achieve his original endgame as he does manage to successfully arrest Mayor Bourgeois and force the man to declare to all of Paris that Rogercop is now mayor.

Whether because of the threat of the two hostages he now has, both the ex-mayor and his daughter, or because a possible, slightly subtle mind alteration to those who wear the badge and uniform, every and all police officers in the city obey Rogercop’s orders to try and arrest Chat Noir and Ladybug.

… While I do not doubt that it was a ruse on the police officers’ part in acting like Rogercop’s word was literal law, I also cannot help but dread the idea that yes, they are all in fact that bloody inept at their jobs and would not consider aiding our titular heroes in same fashion.

Still, despite being one of the few to achieve their goals, though also being one of many to fail Papillon, Rogercop is, at best, a mid-tier both in power and mindset. Though he goes to extreme lengths in doing so, he is, by his very existence, an emotionless, logical enforcer of the law. To a slightly insane degree on the logical part as he does not, nor would he ever, focus on hurting innocent lives. Punish them severely for their crimes, no matter how great or small most certainly but never any more than that.