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French Villainous Name:
Dislocœur (Heart Breaker)
Real Name:
Kim Chiến Lê
Root Cause of Transformation:
Chloé Bourgeois
Item of Transformation:
Valentine’s Brooch
Primary Goal: Revenge against Chloé Bourgeois/Break Everyone’s Hearts

If you all haven’t realized by now there is something of a trend with a majority of Papillon’s targets. Namely that a good chunk of them all have a certain blonde-haired brat to blame for their emotional turmoil that drew Papillon’s eyes, and akuma, to them. In the case of Kim Chiến Lê’, he allowed his heart to sway his better judgment and thus failed to see that the object of his affections would sooner spit in his eye than bestow even a hint of gratitude towards him.

Then again, when one happens to fall in love with Chloé of all people, that’s to be expected.

Seeking to make her his Valentine, Kim had spent all the money he had on a brooch worthy of Chloé’s tastes, which is technically unaffordable to most but give the lad some credit for the attempt, and tried to present it to her as best as he could.

I say this because either he had unwittingly crossed a long series of bad luck inducing items or Fate was blatantly trying to tell him get out of dodge. Seeing how much of a fool he had made of himself trying to present his Valentine’s gift to her, Chloé did the only thing she thought worth doing in that instant.

She took a picture of him in his humiliating position and texted it to everyone in school and more besides.

Frankly, the fact that Kim turned into a literal Dark Cupid was to be expected. With wings to fly through the air like a hawk on the hunt and a bow armed with arrows capable of tearing asunder any affections felt in the heart, Dark Cupid set out to break Chloé’s heart just as she had broken his. Of course, in the process of chasing her down and fending off Chat Noir and Ladybug, Dark Cupid finds himself with a sudden epiphany that no other akumatized victim has had before.

She wasn’t worth it.

Hovering above her with arrow notched, Dark Cupid stared down at Chloé as she ranted selfishly about the state of her clothes, her hair, and her appearance overall before stating that Dark Cupid might as well change her as her day could not possibly get any worse. He tells her, verbatim, “I don’t need to waste this arrow on you. Your heart is so dark and shriveled there’s no room for love.”

Not going to lie, that was a solid win on Dark Cupid’s part.

On the power and mindset scale, Dark Cupid ranks down at the bottom tier. While he has a distinct aerial advantage over his opponents, it pales in comparison to the likes of similarly empowered victims of Papillon like Stormy Weather or even Pharoah. More to the point, literally, Dark Cupid’s arrows do not do any kind of physical damage whatsoever as they exploded into black smoke upon impact. Of course, if a sentient being capable of feeling love is hit by one these arrows, their feelings are twisted into reverse to a varying degree.

While only a few victims of Dark Cupid’s anti-love arrows were shown in his episode, they each displayed varying degrees of animosity towards those whom they felt affections towards. In Alya’s case, she insulted Marinette before trying to destroy a picture that featured the two of them. For Sabrina, she did to Chloé what Chloé had done to Kim before wrecking the poster the two of them had tricked Adrien into signing, and Adrien or rather Chat Noir…

He tried to use Cataclysm on Ladybug.

Let me reiterate that.

Chat Noir tried to destroy Ladybug. His love for her was so strong that when it was turned into hatred, he was willing to actually attempt to use his Power of Destruction upon her.

Overall, Dark Cupid makes for a good Valentine’s Day villain but beyond that is rather forgettable. Sure, he’s dangerous to partners like Ladybug and Chat Noir but even hatred cannot stand strong against the likes of love. Especially not true love’s first kiss.