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Real Name:
Mylène Haprèle
Root Cause of Transformation:
Chloé Bourgeois
Item of Transformation:
Crossbones Pin
Primary Goal: Revenge against Chloé Bourgeois/Terrifying People

If at this point you’re starting to wonder whether or not Chloé Bourgeois is one of the major villains of the series then you obviously haven’t been paying too much attention to either the show itself or my reviews. The fact that she alone is directly responsible for… lemme see here… close to nine people being infected by akumas and turned into villains by Papillon makes me wonder how anyone, particularly the cinnamon roll that is Adrien, AKA Chat Noir, defend her from the justified assaults of the various akumatized victims she inadvertently helps create.

In the case of Mylène, it was more or less her own fault for becoming akumatized though Chloé did serve as being the straw that broke the camel’s back. Whilst playing a marvelous role as secondary lead character in a class-made short film, Mylène proved that for all her acting ability she is, quite easily, more of a coward than even the likes of a certain Lion from Oz.

It’d be understandable if the costume for the monster in the short film was something more terrifying than a poorly stitched mask that looks more like a poorly crafted muppet but add in the fact that the monster is played by her own boyfriend?

That’s… kinda sad really.

Humiliated and ashamed, AKA ends up being akumatized into the Horrificator and once again proves the popular theory that Papillon may control his victims through his own willpower, he does not control what they transform into. As the Horrificator, Mylène becomes a more literal version of the monster in the film and is, essentially, a creature of instinct whose sole goal is to terrify her classmates so that she, in turn, can become strong enough to defeat Ladybug and Chat Noir.

That right there is what makes the Horrificator an enemy of dangerous potential. While she does no actual harm to those whom she kidnaps, even going so far as to give her boyfriend an affectionate lick before moving on to chase their peers, the Horrifcator is not above terrifying them by utilizing many a popular horror film trope. For with every person that expresses their fear of her, the Horrificator grows in size and power.

However, as proven by a surprisingly chill Juleka, the Horrificator also displays an incredibly potent weakness to this strength. Namely, should anyone not be afraid of her, she shrinks down in size and if a large enough crowd is gathered that display a severe lack of fear she can shrink down to the size of a housecat.

Aside from this double-edged sword, the Horrificator can also spew out a slime-like residue that is hardy enough to be impossible to penetrate whilst still allow airflow if the fact that her prisoners are not only alive but also conscious is anything to go by. The Horrificator doesn’t appear to have any limit to how much slime she can produce or how much pressure is behind a blast of the stuff. Frankly, it’s a wee bit too gross for me to really strive and found out so let’s just say “enough.”

Despite being a literal monster, the Horrificator stands at the bottom tier of akumatized victims for a multitude of reasons with her exploitable weakness, and strength, being chief among them. Sure, she could easily grow to a kaiju sized stature if she managed to terrify a large enough crowd of people but, likewise, should she meet a crowd that does not stand down in fear, say a troop of police officers or even the military, she’d shrink down to feline size in seconds.

Aside from this though is her inherent good nature shining through even as a monster. Contrary to Alix, who almost gleefully set out to murder her peers, Mylène does not want to hurt anyone and only seeks to frighten people in order to attain more power. In point of fact, she goes so out of her way to make people afraid that when Juleka showed absolutely no fear of her, she became obviously frustrated and sought easier targets.

Just goes to show, that even the most terrifying of monsters can have more humanity in them than most humans.