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Real Name:
Armand D’Argencourt
Root Cause of Transformation:
Mayor Bourgeois & Nadja Chamack
Item of Transformation:
Fencing Sword
Primary Goal: To Rule All of Paris

One of the few, few people who do NOT have a certain blonde-haired little brat to blame for their being akumatized, Armand D’Argencourt is something of an interesting case amongst the many victims of Papillon. Armand is the Phys. Ed. teacher at the school that both Marinette and Adrien, otherwise known as Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir, attend and also serves as a private tutor to Adrien in the art of fencing. Yet, his real aspirations lie in his supposed family’s ancient history by being the “ruler” over Paris, but he’ll settle on being the mayor instead.

Unfortunately, he lost to Mayor Bourgeois who had won by a landslide of 97% of the votes, making Armand’s amongst, if not the actual, lowest in Paris history. … I know that the timing of this review could not be made more worse considering America’s current affairs but I cannot help but think that there was a few, shall we say, greased palms.

Now, I know you all are thinking, a Phys. Ed. teacher being mayor of a city, never mind one such as Paris? That’s… surprisingly not that farfetched believe it or not. In Paris, there are very few laws or stipulations to how one can become mayor. Namely, one has to be at the minimum age of requirement (that being 18), has to be a French national, and there candidacy is selected by the municipal council whom are also the ones responsible for making the final vote for mayorship as well, not the people of the city. What’s even more startling is that the timeframe for each term is no less than six years and the limit of terms is next to nonexistent.

… Now that we’ve had a fair share of French politics trivia, let’s just move back to the topic at hand. Thoug

Having lost by a “severe” landslide Armand took his defeat… without any grace whatsoever and all but encouraged the vile hordes that is the news media to get up in his face at every available opportunity. I say this because that is precisely what happens to him not once but twice with the second time setting him off to such a degree that he became a prime candidate for one of Papillon’s akumas.

Heck, the second time news reporter Nadja Chamack, alongside her nameless cameraman, secretly filmed him during his fencing lessons with Adrien before sneaking up on the man as he was soapboxing about his ancestor’s deeds to his young pupil and interrupting him with personal questions before being chased off by school security for trespassing on school grounds.

It gets even worse when they ambush him again right outside the school doors wherein she tells him, to his face, that he has been labeled as someone who is, quote, “stuck in the Dark Ages like a stubborn rusted old battle axe.”

Wow… Just… Wow…

And people wonder why I don’t like watching the news? True, I’ll give props to those who will stand up for what is right and not what is the “popular” story, like that one reporter whose name unfortunately escapes me due in no small part to the fact that I can’t pronounce it let alone spell it, but for one like Miss Chamack? Man, it is no wonder your child eventually turns into a literal hellion but that’s another story for another time.

Anyway, long, long story short, Armand ends up akumatized and becomes a super-powered enhanced version of his knightly ancestor Darkblade whom, might I add was name as such for his admittedly clever but no less cheap ploy of swordplay involving a “come at me, bro” pose followed by a quick disarm and strike to the chest.

As Darkblade, Armand is garbed in a suit of armor and wields a potently magical blade that allows him to transform anyone within range into his knights, slightly weaker replicas of himself. He does so via a hypnotic beam from the cross guard of his blade that forces people to kneel before him before he “knights” them and transforms them into… well, knights. He is also able to utilize this transformative power on vehicles, turning a pair of cars into functioning catapults.


Darkblade is also one of the few akumatized victims to actually achieve their end goal by way of placing his family’s crested flag atop city hall and, by extension, becoming ruler over all of Paris. Upon being placed atop the flagpole, Darkblade’s ability to transform citizens into knights goes from direct knighting to instantaneous transformation to everyone in Paris by way of a slowly contracting field of darkness. Whether this process could affect those wielding Miraculous remains to be seen as Papillon appeared unconcerned by the steadily shrinking transformation barrier whereas Chat Noir and Ladybug were absolutely concerned.

Overall, I’d say that Darkblade is among the top of the mid-tier akumatized victim and not specifically a villain even at the height of his power. For all that he wanted to become a ruler, a literal king, of Paris he still acted and behaved much like a knight and that same form of chivalry extended to those he transformed regardless of their inability to act on their own free will. It is because of this transformative ability that I even put Darkblade so high up at all.

Because while the transformation may not affect those wielding a Miraculous, that still leaves… oh, a little over two million people to become Darkblade’s unwitting pawns.