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Real Name:
Fred Haprèle
Root Cause of Transformation:
Chris (Understudy)
Item of Transformation:
Daughter’s Picture
Primary Goal: To ruin performance of his show

One of the few villains to have been shown in the anime rendition of the show, and yes at the time there was no indication of Papillon or his penchant for targeting innocent victims so I can call him this, the Mime is hands down amongst the top three deadliest adversaries our titular heroes have ever faced.

Fred Haprèle, father to Mylène Haprèle formerly known as the Horrificator, is a part-time employee of his daughter’s school but his real passion lies in the performing arts, namely the art of pantomiming. By luck and skill, he attained the lead role in a performance set to be premiere in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower as the lead role.

However, Fred happens to have something of a reputation of being a… not quite a procrastinator in the strictest sense of the word but more often than not he has been told, or yelled at, for being late to rehearsals by his manager Sarah who, rather foolishly, informs Fred’s understudy Chris that he’ll replace Fred should the man be late again.

As you all can likely guess, Chris takes the opportunity to trick Fred into going to the wrong place to meet the performance crew, costing him his job and losing his chance to be a part of a major performance. Cue one little akuma later and voila! We have ourselves a Mime unlike any other.

As the Mime, Fred’s powers and skills are extremely flexible. While he no doubt boasts the same level of physical enhancement as most other akumatized victims due, he can actually go a step further by whole leaps and bounds by miming. The chief example of this is when he is tricked into cutting down the Eiffel Tower and proceeds to catch it before it falls on him. The Eiffel Tower that, according to Google, weighs over 7300 TONS.

True, the Mime was showing he was straining to hold it up but he still managed to do it nonetheless. Another, far more concerning, aspect of his power is that he can mime invisible objects that only he can see and utilize effectively.

The only limitation he has is that he can only mime a single thing at a time but even then that’s not much of a weakness considering the versatility of his miming skills. Though not really demonstrated to the extremes as it had in the show itself, the anime version of him showed that he can mime TNT and other explosives without any apparent limit both in number and explosive force.

It is this power, this degree of versatility, that puts the Mime at the top of akumatized victims. His ability to shape any weapon, from swords of indescribable length to freaking grenade launchers, makes him an extremely difficult foe to combat against effectively. Add in the fact that he looks very much like a regular mime he can easily blend himself in without anyone being the wiser of who he is or what he’s capable of.

Once again, I have to seriously question Papillon and his apparent inability to really utilize his akumas to their full potential. I mean seriously, the Mime caught the Eiffel Tower! With literally nothing to show its full weight other than his arms quivering from the strain! Even the Hulk would have broken the ground beneath his feet!

Thankfully, the Mime’s mindset is still that of a loving father and his overall goal was not destruction on an unprecedented level but rather the ruining of the very show he was set to perform in. Heck, though he was tricked into doing it, the Mime didn’t need to catch the Eiffel Tower to protect himself or those standing behind him.

Still… Mimes…


Just. No.