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Real Name:
Wang Cheng
Root Cause of Transformation:
Chloé Bourgeois
Item of Transformation:
Chef Hat
Primary Goal: To make “Chloé Soup”

… Now, I’ll admit, there have been, and will still be, a few akumatized victims whose transformations are nothing short of bizarre. The top will always be Mr. Pigeon, but blast it all if Kung Food doesn’t come a close second both in overall appearance and abilities but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Wang Cheng, or as he’s more formally recognized as Cheng Sifu (Master Cheng) for his superb culinary skills, is Marinette’s great uncle who is visiting Paris, and his grand niece, to take part in a competition for the title of World’s Greatest Chef. A competition that is unfortunately already rigged against him for the fact that the Mayor made the extremely poor choice of having his daughter, Chloé, be one of the judges.

The same Chloé who upon hearing that Cheng Sifu is planning on making soup complains that he ought to be making sushi instead and brushes off Adrien’s comment that sushi is a Japanese dish. When Marinette defends her great uncle, Chloé storms off before she suddenly gets an idea. An awful, wicked, and outright malicious idea…

Basically, she tricks Cheng Sifu into leaving the kitchen, and his soup, unattended just long enough for her to ruin his soup. Of course, she departs with the parting comment of him that she “No speak Japanese.”

… I… am not someone that can get easily riled up though I, like most people, have a few “big red buttons” that should never be pushed. I’ll be darned if Chloé flipping Bourgeois doesn’t end up pushing a majority of them whilst cutting my patience down to near nonexistence.

Anyway, one akuma to his chef hat later and voila, we have Kung Food. As Kung Food one of his chief abilities is controlling those whom had partaken in his spoiled soup and bestowing upon them extreme prowess in Chinese martial arts and a proficiency in food weaponry.

Yes, you read that correctly, food weaponry. As in, weapons made of food such as a mace made of seafood, a cheese crossbow that fires stinky cheese bombs, sushi tonfas, and my personal favorite a pizza sword.

The sheer silliness of them all is only exceeded by how stupidly effective these weapons turn out to be. These weapons, alongside huge quantities of other food, reside within Kung Food’s satchel with no apparent limit as to what he can either turn into a weapon or make huge quantities of.

Case in point, literal cauldrons of hardened caramel and enough soup broth to fill a hotel pool. A soup broth with the chief ingredient being a certain blonde-haired little brat named Chloé who is saved at the last moment by Ladybug and Chat Noir.

On the overall scale of villainy amongst the akumatized victims I’d say that Kung Food ranks down at the bottom tier though he resides somewhere in the middle ground. His ability to create weapons is limited only by the hands he has available to wield them and while it is not made clear in the episode itself, it is hinted that one can become enthralled to his will by eating his food while he is akumatized.

Still, for all his martial arts prowess Cheng Sifu is first and foremost a cook and martial art skills that have been bestowed and not earned through hard work and determination, will always fall short to the real thing.