First, my apologies to you my dear readers for the exceptionally long hiatus that I have now officially returned from. The chief reason in a long list of why’s and how come’s is primarily for the fact that a LOT has happened to me in my personal life, some good, some bad, and some just to bizarre to try and remember without sufficient amounts of alcohol for all involved (for storyteller and audience). Another, admittedly far smaller, reason is that I needed some time away from my blog, which had started to become more like a chore than a joy to me these last several months.

But as of now, I’m back and will strive to update at least once a week on either Mondays or Fridays about topics new and old. I’ll likely go back to finishing the Miraculous Villains once the second season finally airs but for now, they’re shelved but rest assured I will be finishing them off at a later time.

So let us begin with the film that helped light the fire in my heart…