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Real Name:
Katie Holt
Alias: Pidge Gunderson
Nationality: Italian
Featured In:
Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016-Present)
Voiced By: Bex Taylor-Klaus

With the surprising premiere of Voltron: Legendary Defender season 3 and the announcement of season 4 premiering later this same year, what better way is there to announce my elation than to talk of my favorite of the Paladins of Voltron. Now, I’ll give fair warning, as I have not yet watched season 3, there will be no spoilers for it, just seasons 1 and 2. That being said, let me speak a few lengthy paragraphs on the Paladin of the Green Lion…

Katie Holt is hands down a supreme master of espionage, infiltration, and technologies both Terran and extraterrestrial that to call her the team’s “Espionage Specialist” is an extreme understatement. Following the disappearance of her father and brother, Katie manage to not only break into Galaxy Garrison headquarters on more than one occasion but even managed to successfully break into Commander Iverson’s office and hack her way through his computer.

Of course, she was caught and eventually barred from the premises with extreme prejudice, so Katie sought to infiltrate the GG in a whole new way. By disguising herself as a boy and becoming a cadet in order to find her lost family. Her disguise consists of cutting her hair, donning a pair of spectacles, and wearing clothing a few sizes too big to hide her feminine physique.

Basically, she did a combo of Mulan and Clark Kent but that’s not the most impressive thing about her espionage skills. She essentially created a solid enough identity to enter what is essentially a space program run by the flipping military. Of course, one could argue the age-old joke of military intelligence but regardless, hers was not only a most excellent of plans but one that even Allura was caught off guard by when “Pidge’s” true gender was revealed.


Though named Katie and revealing herself to her friends and allies, she still prefers to go by the name of Pidge and honestly, I can’t fault her for it. In essence, “Katie” is the the sister left behind unable to make any kind of headway in finding her father and brother whereas “Pidge” has not only come several, literal, light years closer, Pidge is the one whom is Paladin to the Green Lion of Voltron.

Speaking of the emerald cat, the Green Lion is considered to be the Guardian Spirit of the Forest and, thanks in no small part to Pidge, is one of the most technologically advanced of the Lions by way of an actual cloaking system that Pidge installed entirely by herself. Of the Lions, the Green is considered to be the most adventurous, a trait that is similarly shared in Pidge who never fails in finding awe and majesty in any of her surroundings.

Like its fellows, the Green Lion is armed with a distinctive weapon known by fans as the “Vine Cannon” insomuch that it is a cannon that causes massive vines and roots to grow and ensnare whatever is hit by the beam, regardless of the sheer impossibility of plants growing on such a surface.

In her Paladin gear, Pidge is armed with a Bayard whose unique configuration is that of a angular katar, whose blade is not only sharp enough to pierce most alien metals but can also deliver a stunning shock. The most notable ability of Pidge’s Bayard is that it can be used as a grappling hook, allowing Pidge far greater maneuverability and can even be used to ensnare her opponents. However, while the cord is completely unbreakable, Pidge’s strength is not as great and she can, and has, been pulled off her feet on more than one occasion as a result.

Still, for being the technology expert of the group, Pidge is surprisingly good fighter as well. Quick on her feet and utilizing whatever she can to her advantage be it the environment, her opponent’s underestimating her due to her size/age/etc., and even utilizing whatever tech she can get her hands on. Pidge may be physically the smallest and weakest as far as sheer muscle strength is concerned.


Yet, the one thing that I can well and truly say that I like-nay, outright adore most about Pidge is that she is a complete and total nerd the likes of which put the AVGN too shame at least as far as video games are concerned. In my favorite “breather” episode of the series thus far, “Space Mall,” Pidge happens to find a store catering to all things from Earth, including an old video game console with an equally old game, both still in their original packaging and in pristine condition.

After gushing to the point of tears over it, she enlists Lance in aiding her in finding the necessary funds to purchase the console and game, going so far as to go fountain diving with Lance proving that dignity is second only to acquiring an antique, but no less awesome, video game.

Wherever the show decides to go from season three and onward, I can only fervently hope that we get to see more of these adorkable elements of Pidge.