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Real Name: Medusa
Illustrator: Simosi
Featured In:
Fate Grand Order
Voiced By: Yū Asakawa (Japanese)

Avengers, as one would rightfully assume by the title of their Class, are Servants whom embody the concept of vengeance in some form or another. The most well-known case was the Servant whose true potential was only realized upon it being slain and thus unleashing “All of Man’s Evils” into the Holy Grail, thus corrupting it for future wars to come, allowing for the summoning of arguably “evil” Servants and even corrupting some Servants into darker aspects of themselves known as Alters.

While one might assume this is the case for Medusa that is actually quite far from the truth and even from the atypical standard of Servants capable of being in multiple Classes. Most Servants who can be summoned in more than one Class generally reflect that Class via a very specific point in their life, oftentimes a span of a few years or even several decades.

For Medusa however, as an Avenger, she appears in the exact moment of transformation between a goddess of beauty and a monster, and thus why she is more commonly referred to as “The Gorgon” when summoned in this Class.

The Gorgon’s passive skills and abilities include such gems as “Demon of Mutation” or as it’s more commonly dubbed “Demonic Mutation.” It is a skill that is only achieved by heroes, or even gods, have transformed into a demonic creature. Use of this skill by a Servant emphasizes this fact to an insane degree, strengthen the Gorgon in ways that are absolutely impossible for a human body to ever achieve.

While not shown through gameplay in Fate Grand Order, I believe that utilizing this skill also further “degrades” the Gorgon into her more monstrous form and runs the additional risk of further alienation in her overall personality. While not exactly monstrous, it is stated outright that the Gorgon’s affection and even her love is not meant for kinship with humans as she has an entirely different standpoint.

Like her more humanoid forms, the Gorgon also possesses “Cybele the Mystic Eyes of Petrification” though it remains sealed by way of her own will, oftentimes in the form of a protective band over her eyes known as “Breaker Gorgon” or by a noticeably seal painted upon her brow. Being the most powerful variation of these eyes, it can be surmised that even Servants with high Mana stats can become petrified near instantly.

Her last named skill, “Scream of Awe” is a roar that arouses an instinctive awe in all living beings, sentient or otherwise. It will inflict such high levels of fear that it can almost be called a curse as even the hardiest of opponent’s defenses drop virtually to nothing.

A rather unique trait that the Gorgon possesses can be found in her blood that has two possible effects. Should her blood be spilled on the earth, notably in the sands of a desert, venomous serpents will spring forth from it. However, should her blood be willingly given, it can be used to create one of two things. An incredibly deadly poison for the living, or a medicine capable of reviving the recently dead.

The Gorgon’s Noble Phantasm is known as “Pandemonium Cetus: Forced Seal, Pandemonic Temple.” It is, essentially, the recreation of the moment when she renounced the last vestige of being a goddess and became the true “Gorgon monster.”

It is this creature that is immediately materialized in her place and all life within the designated territory is liquefied. Any humans caught within it are instantly killed and most Servants whom manage to survive do not do so without receiving some extreme damage.


Out of the Avengers revealed thus far, the Gorgon is the only one I would… perhaps not gladly but willingly call to my side to fight in a Holy Grail War, or any other major source of conflict. Aside from not being an “Alter” of another Servant, the Gorgon is one that does not leave the possibility of creating further damage should she perish and become a part of the Grail like another, more recognized Avenger.

True, should she die in a spectacularly bloody fashion —which admittedly is par for the course in most Fate conflicts— there’d be a whole lot of poisonous snakes to deal with but given that I’m facing someone, or something, capable of offing her in such a fashion, I’d likely have far bigger concerns to deal with.

That… and call me a sucker for tragic figures but Medusa’s story, in every version of her story that I read, she became a monster through the actions of the Greek gods either directly or indirectly, and in the Fate version in particular… hers is one of the darker tales.

If nothing else, I would have her at my side as a form of objection to those whom would make a monster out of her and show them, the world, and perhaps even the Gorgon herself that even monsters can still become heroes.