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Origin: The Legend of Kiyohime
Illustrator: BLACK
Featured In:
Fate Grand Order
Voiced By: Risa Taneda (Japanese)

Berserkers are made up of Heroic Spirits who have gone stark, raving mad and rampaged with all the ferocity such a state of mind entails be it for a single, lone incident or at the end of, or sometimes even after, their legend. A few notable examples, and some really tough ones to decline on my part, include the likes of Heracles and Lancelot who are both ridiculously OP on their own but add in the overall “edge” that most Berserkers have over other Classes and the two truly live up to the term of walking weapons of mass destruction.

However, for all of their vast power, skills, and Noble Phantasms, the one truly greatest drawback of any Berserker is their lack of cognitive thinking. Oh sure, they can still fight well enough, and extremely so in some notable cases, but their higher reasoning oftentimes is either severely lacking or completely nonexistent. Kiyohime is one of the few Berserkers who is not only cognitive enough to reason but can also speak sensibly.

However, that does not excuse her from the atypical madness that afflicts most Berserkers, just that hers is somewhat more… tame… by comparison. … Alright, alright, Kiyohime is just as mad as any other Berserker but her madness focuses on one thing in particular, something that is arguably far more dangerous than the atypical “berserker rage” that most Berserkers are afflicted with.


More to the point, she is what many in Japan, and several more outside of it, would refer to as a “yandere.” Basically, she is lovey-dovey with her master, regardless of gender though considering one can switch their gender willy-nilly in Fate Grand Order that’s kind of a moot point anyway, but for those who would dare to harm her master, or even if her master should try and spurn her affections by “running away…”

She becomes a homicidal monster on the warpath that little in this world can hope to stop. In life she had become enamored with a man to such a degree that when he did actually flee from her and went so far as to hide himself in a shrine bell, she transformed herself into a dragon and gave pursuit, eventually catching up to him and burning him, and the bell, to molten metal.

As a Servant, Kiyohime’s affections are only turned down by a few degrees. She’ll still be major obsessed with her master but only to a slightly insane level, i.e. wanting details that most don’t even know about themselves such as how many hairs they have atop their head.

She must never, I repeat, NEVER be lied to even for the simplest of things because her Mad Enhancement allows her to see through that lie a full 100%, and you will automatically lose a Command Seal because of it.

However, she can and will allow her master to work with other females, regardless of who, or what, they may be so long as they aren’t rivals for his affection otherwise she will eliminate them utterly. She is noted as being a fine bride with a good disposition and quite skillful in the art of cooking.

While there’s no record of her having blood of Dragonkind in her veins, her Noble Phantasm, and her skill of Shapeshifting, allow her to transform into a low-ranked dragon of the Orient and allow her all the defensive properties, and weaknesses, that sort of transformation entails.

One of her primary skills, aside from the aforementioned Shapeshifting, is known as Stalking, a skill that is oft described as a wild instinct that includes the five senses and magical power which allowed her to track down the monk whom she gave her heart to without fail. No matter how far or how long he fled. While this skill generally lowers the defense of her prey, it also sharply raises their attack alongside their desperation.

Kiyohime’s final “Skill” is known as Flame Colored Kiss. Basically, upon receiving a kiss from her master, any weaknesses placed upon her such as lowered attack or defense is immediately removed and she enters something of a “Super Kiyohime-chan” state. In other words, her attacks gain a bit more power to them but be warned, such a kiss pretty much seals the deal in Kiyohime’s mind and is akin to a wedding proposal for her.

Her Noble Phantasm: Transforming, Flame-Emitting Meditation, transforms her into an enormous fire-breathing serpent that constricts about her foes and burns them to cinder with her potent dragon’s breath. However, as stated before Kiyohime does NOT have dragon’s blood running in her veins and she herself does not recall ever having displayed such a thing prior to the… incident…


A likely cause of her transformation might be from having suffered a “wild delusion born of deep yearning for her beloved” and thus could be considered as a representation of her sheer tenacity and relentless obsession with the man who lied to her.

Basically, a result of her legend than anything that actually occurred in her lifetime, something which can affect Servants dramatically upon their summoning. Seriously, take a look at how Thomas Edison looks when he’s summoned, it’s so freaking ridiculous!

Regardless of her romantic issues, the fact remains that Kiyohime is one of the easiest of Berserkers to… Not necessarily control or command but rather she can and will listen to what you have to say and will plan and reason her way through a fight. Her main choice of attack being from at range via draconic fireballs from her fan, which are just as devastating as any physical blow from her fellow Berserkers, is mere icing on the cake.