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Titles: The World’s Greatest Detective
Origin: Books and Short Stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Illustrator: Yamanaka Kotetsu
Featured In: Fate Grand Order
Voiced By: Mizushima Takahiro (Japanese)

It has been said that the Throne of Heroes plays host to all Heroic Spirits of every time and every place, meaning that there are possibly several hundred iterations of the same individual with differences being either distinctive points in their history or divergences too great to comprehend.

Yet, for all the possible variations, rare is the Servant capable of serving under the class of Ruler. One would think that bearing a crown would be enough to serve as a Ruler but such is not actually the case. It is not enough to lead people, one must also inspire them, and continue to inspire, long after death.

Rulers, are exceedingly rare Servants not just because of the aforementioned clause to fitting this Class but because the type of Holy Grail War that would require their existence is rarely, if ever, done and not without severe consequence to all involved. See, the atypical Holy Grail War requires seven Servants of the the primary Classes to fight. The ones that require Rulers to act as judge, jury, and, if need be, executioner?

Fourteen Servants in all, most times two of each of the seven main Classes.

Thus far, there are three Servants whom hold the title of Ruler and of those three, it is the supposedly fictional Sherlock Holmes whom serves as my top choice for this Class.

While it is heavily debated whether this is in fact the actual Sherlock Holmes or is a Servant similar to the likes of Alice or Robin Hood in that there was person(s) whom could easily be assumed as this individual and thus were summoned under their name and form, there is no denying that this iteration of the famous detective lives up to the name.

For those unfamiliar with the man in question, I’d ask what rock you’ve been under and tell you quite firmly to go and read a book. That having been said, Sherlock Holmes is to detectives what King Arthur is to knights in that he is the “father” of detectives and is famous across the globe as the great detective to ever exist. It is for his deductive skills and capabilities that he is oftentimes considered as the first “Revealer,” one whom finds the truth no matter how hard or impossible it may be.

Despite being a Ruler, Sherlock Holmes has the skill of Territory Creation, an ability more commonly found in Casters. He is also one of the two known Servants who have the ranking of EX, the highest possible ranking for any skill, though it is yet to be seen just what he can do with this power.

Aside from this admittedly random skill, Sherlock Holmes also possesses three other skills. First and most recognizable is his Natural Insight, which allows for one to grasp the essence of things through the use of perceptive eyes that will not overlook any information. In Holmes’ case, it allows him to actually seal an opponent’s Noble Phantasm and even prevent them from charging it to full power.

His second skill is Deductive Reasoning, which allows him to not be affected by any debuffing skills or abilities by his enemies whilst also granting him a further increase in critical damage dealt by his last skill. Baritsu, a martial art from the orient that makes use of striking, throwing, and countering techniques combined with his latent skills in boxing. If certain conditions are met, Holmes can utilize this skill to be on point with that of a released Noble Phantasm.

Speaking of Noble Phantasms, Holmes is likely the most distinct among all Servants in that his does absolutely no physical damage to his opponents whatsoever. Known as Elementary, My Dear: It’s Elementary, My Friend, this Noble Phantasm is one that is atypically in constant activation around Holmes allowing him to surmise facts and details that are otherwise incredibly hard to spot. When its name is uttered and its power is released in full however, ah that’s when it becomes something thought to be impossible.


In essence, what Elementary, My Dear does is resolve an unresolvable mystery, no matter if the enigma in question is supposedly impossible to solve. Case in point, if a key to a treasure chest is lost, the key will end up not being lost and the path to its discovery will come to Sherlock Holmes instantly. It will not immediately summon the key to his hand or he to it, but will allow him to discover it without fail. For opponents, Elementary, My Dear weakens their formation and greatly decreases their defense whilst granting near invincibility and “ignore defense” for Holmes and his allies.

While far from the ideal fighter, having the likes of Sherlock Holmes on my side would neatly guarantee a near absolute victory.