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21 & Piccolo
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Video Game, Fan Works
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Dragon Ball FighterZ (Story Mode)

WARNING: This review will contain spoilers for Dragon Ball FighterZ from the minor (and admittedly already spoiled via trailers and fan art) to the extreme (via actual playing of the game or watching various videos posted on YouTube). That having been said allow me to try and explain just how this, of all possible DBZ pairings, come to fruition.

Now, to be fair, this ship is a new one for me having been out on the waters for all of a few days at best and one that I admit is likely to be the only ship in an otherwise empty ocean. Admittedly, there was another pairing in the Dragon Ball franchise that I had intended to talk about (and still might) but this one takes precedent because it’s one that I don’t anyone could have ever expected.

As stated above, this pairing is entirely fanon and not in any way supported in actual gameplay save for two particular instances that led to much thinking and speculating on my part. See, one of the common aspects in Dragon Ball FighterZ is that certain characters will have a brief conversation with each other when they are put into certain teams or facing unique opponents.

Piccolo is tied with Android 18, whom is arguably the “lead” character in the Android Arc of the game, with the most conversations with Android 21.

Now, let’s be clear here, Piccolo does not get embarrassed easily. I can count on one hand the number of times that he’s been embarrassed enough to actually try and hide his face from someone and give them a gruff but far from stern brush off like he did Android 21. More to the point though, take a look at Android 21’s fighting stance. It is exactly like Piccolo’s own and not one that she chose to mimic this one time. She’ll either strike this pose or one similar to Frieza’s “come at me” pose minus the atypical sneer or cajoling smirk.

More on point however, note Android 21’s surprise that Piccolo was ever an enemy. While all of her memories are gone, I do not doubt that Dr. Gero’s super-computer was lacking in any detailed information on Piccolo or his father and things the two of them had done. Either she never bothered to read up on that, which I doubt given she went ahead with her “flash clone diet” plan, or she simply didn’t believe in the accuracy of that information.

Following that confession of him just being part of a bunch of crazy former enemies, Android 21 isn’t surprised or confused. She admires Piccolo’s honesty and the fact that he, who was once evil, can now be considered as being part of a group of friends, perhaps even family. She even thanks him when he tells her to not think about the past and to focus more on the here and now and I swear to Shenron himself, every time I see that scene, a part of my heart just clenches.

The next unique conversation Android 21 has with Piccolo, and Tien, has the namekian confessing his concerns about her wellbeing. Namely that he is worried that if they destroy her evil side that she too will perish with Tien adding that such a result is not worth pursuing.

Given Piccolo’s own distinct history, it’s not that surprising that he would consider this notion but for him to actually grow concerned enough to voice it? To someone that by all accounts he has only known for an extremely short amount of time and has absolutely no reason to trust given her previous actions (evil side’s fault or not)?

Let me remind everyone that this is the same person who thought it was a good idea to hurl a recently traumatized half-saiyan child whom had only just lost his father at a freaking plateau in order for said child to realize his potential as a fighter. Hands down Piccolo is the only character to really grow and change as an individual and not just in terms of raw power and fighting potential.

I’m looking at you Goku.

Then there’s the fact that he immediately picks up on her doubt of it still being a good thing were she to survive while her evil side perishes. No hesitation, no grunt of dismissal, frank and open concern of her and her feelings.

This and more was what lead me to why I think that Piccolo and Android 21 would make a good pair. As a species, namekians are technically hermaphroditic in that they can reproduce asexually and alter the genetic code of their young to be distinct in minor or severely drastic ways.

Piccolo himself is technically a near-perfect clone of his father and most of his older siblings were far more diverse in appearance. Despite being male, with eggs being chucked out via Birdo-style out of their mouths, they are not inclined to being physically attracted to opposing genders. Namekians also can survive purely on water and don’t require food though they can eat if they so choose.

Now a lot of this may sound like points against Piccolo and Android 21 being a good match for each other and in some ways, you’d be right. Namekians do not have mates and can have children entirely on their own, which in essence is actually a point of favor between these two. For all that has been done to her genetic code, it is quite possible that Android 21 can’t have children anymore, at least not in the way mundane humans can.

Considering her predominantly majin-like features and traits, it’s quite possible that she can only have children by way of “subtracting” from herself much like Majin Buu himself will eventually do in the far future as seen in Dragon Ball Online. Though Piccolo himself has not yet shown any desire for actual children, he has shown to be a far better father, and grandfather, than Goku has by the saiyan’s own admittance too, at least as far as being a better grandpa.

Given the chance, I have no doubt that Android 21 would leap at the chance to take care of Pan alongside Piccolo and the two of them would eventually grow closer as a result.

As to the sustenance issue, Android 21 outright confesses in her interactions with you (the player) that she wants to find a means of ending her hunger permanently and I have no doubt in my mind that if she asked him, Piccolo would offer what assistance he could. In that same vein, she could open his palette up to foods he has likely never even seen before let alone eaten, especially given the company he tends to keep.

Heck, her trying to get him to taste new foods for the first time might even get the guy to stop hanging out in wasteland and actually try to be a part of civilization again though considering just whom his parent, and better half, Android 21 might have a bit of a fight on her hands there.

All in all, this is not a pairing that will ever truly happen beyond the realms of my own imagination, but it is one that I enjoy nonetheless and sincerely hope to see brought to fruition among other, far more talented artists than I.