Personal Sites: A list of websites that I am a part of where you can see samples of my skill both as an artist and as a writer.

Diigo Library: A literal library of links to various webpages, blogs, and articles pertaining to the entertainment industry.

The Koltrain: My homepage where a good portion of my artistic skills can be seen.

Koltun014: My account where purely original stories can be seen that are no longer hosted on this blog.

Corvus-no-Genmu: My fan-fiction persona located at where a majority of my stories are based upon copyrighted or established works.


Inspirational Sites: A list of websites that have served as a great inspiration to me as a writer, and ones that I feel every writer should be made aware of.

Internet Publishing from the desk of Piers Anthony: An Internet Publishers Survey compiled by novelist Piers Anthony in the interest of helping aspiring writers. For this service, he won the 2003 “Friend of EPIC” award for service to the electronic publishing community.

WOC Studios: William O’Connor’s homepage, writer and illustrator of the Dracopedia series, one of the most illustrative and illuminating draconic encyclopedias I’ve ever seen and one particular volume is currently up for the 2013 Chesley Award by the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy artists.


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